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Frequently Asked Questions

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Why do I need E-Autolease?

E-Autolease automates the repetitive aspects of student letting. Tenants' names and emails are all you need to begin the process of lease generation and the software does the rest, by asking tenants to fill in their details and performing a mail merge like process to create bespoke leases for groups or individuals.

Many landlords already have software that produces a similar end result, but those products involve the landlord manually entering tenant information into a form. E-Autolease removes that admin burden and it'll even email you the generated leases when complete.

Can I trial the software before buying it?

We don't offer a trial, but we do offer 14 day money back cancelation policy if you decide you want to cancel your subscription within 14 days of purchase. Providing you haven't granted any leases to actual tenants, just get in contact with us and we can sort out a full refund.

What if I struggle to use the software?

As part of your maintenance and support subscription, you can either email or call for any support you need whilst using the software. You can also refer to your user manual, which will be provided.

What is this maintenance and support subscription?

Due to the nature of the software, instead of receiving the software on a disk or over the internet and then installing it on your computer, the software is instead accessed over the web. The maintenance and support subscription covers all costs of having the software on the web, maintaining the software and providing you with complete support when using the software. It also entitles you to receive free updates for the software as and when they are needed.

Can I buy the software outright without the subscription?

Sorry but you need to have an ongoing subscription with us to continue using the software.

There is a feature I need which isn't included in the software. Is there anything you can do?

Certainly. If you require an additional feature for your software to ensure smooth running of your business, let us know and we can add the feature for you.

I already have a web address that I want to access the software from. Can this be done?

Linking the software to a specific domain is one of our extras you can include when you purchase the software. You can also have this linking done after purchase; just drop us and email and we can get it sorted for you.

What terms and conditions are linked to the software?

Our terms and conditions can be downloaded. We pride ourselves on having short and easy to read terms and conditions so you can understand them fully.


I want a copy of the software. How much is this going to cost me?

We offer a variety of licences to suit all needs and budgets. These licences differ on the number of properties which can be added into the software. We start from 5 property licences and go up to unlimited property licences. Each licence includes the full software, complete setup to get you up and running and 1 year's maintenance and support subscription. You are also entitled to free updates. For full details on our licence prices, go to our pricing page.

Payment can be made either by a one off payment, or over 12 months.

Is there an extra cost at the end of my 1 year period?

There will be a recurring subscription cost per year after your 1 year period has come to an end. The cost of this depends on your licence. All details can be found on the pricing page.

What are these "extras" I can add to my purchase?

There are a variety of additional extras you can purchase after you place your order, details and prices of which can be found on our pricing page.


I want to purchase a copy of E-Autolease. What do I do now?

There are several ways of ordering a copy of E-Autolease. You can either call us direct on 01943 462 812 or you can order online.

I have ordered a copy of E-Autolease online. When will I be able to use the software?

Typical setup times for E-Autolease are 1 - 2 working days after payment has been received. If you have paid via Paypal, it is likely we will receive your payment within the hour. Payments made by cheque can take considerably longer.


How can I pay for E-Autolease?

The best way to pay for E-Autolease is via Paypal. It is safe and secure and enables transactions to be made between two parties without disclosing any bank details. You can pay by paypal even if you don't have a paypal account and the service is totally free.

If however you don't want to use paypal, you can pay by cheque or bank transfer. These methods of payment can take a little longer to process.

Can I set up a standing order for the subscription payments?

Absolutely yes - just get in contact and we can sort it out for you.

A direct debit can also be set up at any time after this point - just get in contact and we can sort it out for you.

Can I pay monthly instead of yearly?

Yes you can. You can pay the subscription charge at monthly intervals of £40 a month if you wish.

You can also pay the initial cost at monthly intervals throughout your first year. There is a minimum subscription of 12 months if you decide to pay monthly.

When do I decide how to pay?

Let us know how you want to pay when you purchase the software.


When can I expect to receive the software?

After payment has been received for the software, it will be setup online for you. You will be given a web address where you can access the software and a username and password to use the software.

Cancellation and Refunds

I no longer want to use this software. How do I cancel my subscription?

We offer a 14 day full refund cancelation policy to all customers who purchase E-Autolease. This means you can cancel and receive a full refund for the software within 14 days of purchase, providing you haven't used the software to grant any leases to real tenants.

If you want to cancel at any other time, your subscription will terminate at the end of the payment period (providing you are not paying the initial 1 year monthly, which has a minimum subscription period of 12 months) and you will not be charged again.

To cancel, simply send us an email or write us a letter, addressed to PO Box 93, Otley, LS21 3XZ.

I pay monthly, can I cancel at the end of a month?

There is an initial minimum subscription of 12 months, but you can cancel any time after that to terminate the subscription at the end of the month.